Patient Transportation Just Got Easier!

Lyft App

Why contact Continuum Clinical for this service?

Patient Centricity

Easy to Use. Easy to Order.

  • Patients have the option to either order their ride using their smartphone and the Lyft app or book a ride by calling a toll-free number.
  • Patients are given a unique Lyft code to use for transport to and from the study site at no cost to the patient.

Site Optimization

Enables Sites to Focus on Patient Care and Increase Study Visit Compliance

  • As patients will book their own rides, study site personnel will have more time to spend focused on study enrollment and patient care.
  • There is no paperwork for the study coordinators to fill out for patients to participate.

Sponsor Reputation and Study Acceleration

Enhance Study Retention

  • By partnering with Continuum Clinical and Lyft, sponsors can offer patients a unique transportation option for their study visits.
  • Patients are driven directly to and from the study site by drivers who have quick response times and provide customer-friendly service.

Just released! Receive our new whitepaper, Patient Transportation Remains Critical for Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials, when you submit your contact information to learn more about how patient transportation can enhance recruitment and retention in your study.

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